Why Choose WCC

Jan 7 pic 3Residents of Walkers Creek Condominiums can relax knowing they are living in a building constructed using state-of-the-art methods unlike anything the city currently has to offer. WCC was constructed using Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF). ICF are simply forms that have reinforced concrete poured between built-in insulation. The result are high-performing walls and floors that are insulated, energy efficient, structurally sound and safe.

A huge benefit of the construction design of WCC is that the ICF walls are around all 4 walls of each suite (see Sales Team for details) which help with both sound and energy efficiency. That means all 4 exterior walls of each suite are concrete with insulation on either side!

Day-to-day as well as long term benefits include minimized noise transmission between suites and from outside as well as minimal if any air leaks which improves overall comfort and efficiency. ICF creates a structure that is up to 10 times stronger than wood frame. Also, electrical and plumbing can be run in the forms resulting in unobstructed 9’ (+/-) ceilings with no bulkheads.